Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Amazing what a little adrenaline does to your eyesight

Just minutes after I wrote the preceding post, I turned on the evening news and learned that maybe it wasn't a mountain lion after all. So I logged on to that station's web site and lifted the following text:

Wildlife experts have said what might be the mountain lion may just be a feral house cat.

"The cat is a passive cat, whatever it is. The way that it was described to me is the cat was laying on the trail back there licking it paws. It saw the gentleman with the camera and got up and calmly walked away,” game warden Turk Jones said.

"The size of this animal is completely consistence with a feral house cat,” Texas Parks and Wildlife biologist John Davis said.

CBS 42 showed the photo to Davis. He says folks can be easily fooled into thinking cats might be mountain lions.

"It's not uncommon for folks when they get excited to overestimate the size of individual animals they're seeing. So we frequently get animals misidentified as mountain lions,” Davis said.

However, it did give me a good idea for a mystery novel. Spouse kills spouse, buries body, claims to have seen a cougar in the area. So feel free to use that, get a huge advance, and give me half.


Britta Coleman said...

I think the feral cat angle may be the way to go on that story. Have you ever seen a pack of feral cats? Truly heinous. And smelly.

Ben Rehder said...

And despite the rumors, they do NOT taste like chicken.