Friday, May 16, 2008

The best motel in the greater Sealy area

I had a good signing at Murder By The Book in Houston last night.  David and the gang are always gracious and friendly.  (If you want a signed copy of Holy Moly, just give them a call at 888-4AGATHA, or visit their website right here.  They'll mail it to you.)

Afterward, I intended to drive home, but I was beat and decided to get a motel.  When I'm traveling alone, I'm not picky.  Just about anyplace is fine, as long as there isn't gunplay in the parking lot.  But I do prefer to stay at motels in small towns, where it's quieter.  So I drove to Sealy, about 30 miles west of Houston and found the Ranch Motel.  The owner gave me a friendly grimace, took my forty bucks, and I was all set for the night.

The nice thing was, they left a little snack for me in the mini-fridge. A quarter of a watermelon.  Who cares that it looks about a month old and already had a few bites out of it, it was tasty!

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