Monday, August 25, 2008

Some odds. Some ends. 

I haven't been posting much lately, but here are a few tidbits....

For the second year, I acted as a barbecue judge for the San Antonio Masonry Contractors Association.  I'm not qualified, of course, beyond the fact that I have a mouth.  I stuffed myself with ribs, brisket, chicken, and maybe some squirrel.  Burped 'cue for a couple of days. 

Good news!  I've won a luxury car or a bunch of cash or a shopping spree or an "exotic island adventure," according to the friendly folks at the Awards Verification Center in North Richland Hills, Texas.  How nice of them to just randomly give me something so nice.  The thing is, I'm kind of busy right now.  Will someone please call them at 800-525-1289 and let them know how grateful I am?

I was so impressed by the performance of my new superzoom point-and-shoot camera that I'm writing an article about it for an upcoming issue of Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine.  That way, I can write off the camera!  Take that, IRS!  In your face!

Anybody who deer hunts knows that corn is up to about $11 a bag.  If anybody around here knows where to get it cheaper, let me know.

Haven't been reading much lately, but my lovely wife and I are going on vacation soon, and I plan to do some reading then.  What's that?  Where are we going? Thanks for asking.  The answer is Clearwater, Florida.  Hurricane Fay was nice enough to skirt around that portion of the state.  

Not long ago I watched In the Valley of Elah.  I enjoyed it quite a bit, except for the final minute.  The last scene was a tad predictable, and I thought it was the only part of the movie that was heavy-handed in delivering a message.  I imagine the director weighed the pros and cons of that scene for quite a while before deciding to shoot it. 

Question: Why does the media still report everything Hillary Clinton says about any topic under the sun?

You know what Stephenie Meyer needs?  A PR agent.  She isn't getting enough exposure.  


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