Friday, September 19, 2008

Trying something new

I've decided I want to pitch a story to This American Life. If you haven't listened to this show on NPR, you really should, and you'll likely become addicted as quickly as I have. What they do is present a collection of stories revolving around a theme every week. For instance, a recent show had a theme of "The Enforcers." One of the stories was about a group of online guys who screw around with scammers on the Internet. They make the scammers look like idiots in ways I won't explain, but it's really funny. They are, in effect, self-appointed enforcers on the Internet.

The trick, for me, is to come up with a story that will be right for TAL. Not just any story will do, even if it's interesting and well told. It has to fit into the personality of the show. The only way to understand the personality is to listen to a bunch of episodes.

Anyway, I've been thinking about some ideas, and I have about six now, but I'm still weighing their merits. Some seem better than others, but it's likely I won't know how good the idea is until I interview the subjects for the story.

One of my good friends (known him since I was about ten) is coming over this afternoon to re-tell me a great story he originally told me a couple of months ago. It's an interesting story about a woman and a strange man she gets involved with. As an added benefit, my friend is a really good storyteller.

After we're done, if I think I've recorded something worthy, I'll edit it together, burn a CD, and send it off. 

Wish me luck. Maybe you'll hear something of mine on the radio. 


wrbpilot said...

Good luck with your attempt to get on TAL. When they accept you, please post the date it will be aired. I am a listener and would love to hear it soon.

Thanks for reading

Will Brown

Ben Rehder said...

Thanks for the optimistic attitude! I'll let you know if anything happens.