Friday, August 14, 2009

I never knew it was this easy.

Like most authors, I'm always looking for new ways to get the word out about my books--and increase sales.

Fortunately, I receive Publishers Lunch, which is sort of an insider's look at the publishing industry. They sell ad space across the top of the email, and today's ad says:

Authors - Want To Make Your Book An Instant Bestseller?

Discover how on free telephone seminar Tuesday, August 18th

Want to find out how one author made her book an,
Barnes & Noble and New York Times Bestseller? Join us Tuesday,
August 18th for a free telephone seminar and discover the ingenious,
yet simple "bestseller blueprint" you can use to sell more books in
a week than most authors sell all year. It works for all types of
books and costs almost nothing to implement. On the call, you'll
hear from four authors who've used it to make their books bestsellers
and one who sold $184,256.00 of copies at zero cost!


That sounds great. I will be a famous bestselling author in no time, I'm sure.

Some people might think phrases like "instant bestseller" and "costs almost nothing" would be warning signs, but not me!


Bill Crider said...

I won't be able to take part in the telephone deal, but I'm looking forward to a full report on your blog. After all, I wouldn't mind being rich, too.

Ben Rehder said...

Will do, Bill. You can count on me. Assuming I'm not doing a co-signing with Dan Brown or something.

Father of Jack said...

Once you're done with that deal I know a Nigerian prince that has a millions of dollars he needs shipped to the US... He'll fill you in on the details.

FOJ said...