Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The LATEST latest...

You can see that I'm not blogging here much anymore. But I am on Facebook, so come on over there and friend me.

Here's a summary of where things stand:

Holy Moly was the finale in the Blanco County series. I'm not saying there will never be another one, but at this point, I'm not planning on it. If some publisher came along who simply couldn't live without another one, well, then things might be different.

I wrote a standalone—The Chicken Hanger—that will be published by TCU Press, although I don't know the exact date yet. Probably in the fall of 2011 or the spring of 2012. Watch for updates here.

Not long ago, I finished a manuscript for a young-adult novel. My agent is currently pitching that to important people who know about such things. If it finds a home, I will announce it here, there, and everywhere.

Thanks for dropping by.

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grammyb said...

So hoping you will reconsider - love, love, love the Blanco County series. Couldn't get enough!
B Holloway